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Headquarters: Zhuhai Yado Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:  No. 8, Tech 9th Road, Zhuhai High-Tech Zone, Guangdong Province, China
Tel: 0756-8580835
Business consultation:  0756-8580808/8580809/8580827/8580816/8580559
Business fax: 0756-8580839
Technical service: 0756-8580838/8580829, Market activity: 0756-3626087
Fax: 0756-8580801/8580802, Post code: 519085

Yado Customer Service Center is a main service window of all the businesses of the company. It is in charge of answering customers’ relevant business consultation and handling various complaints. Customer Service Center is dedicated to consistently improving service maintenance system and providing vast users with all-around, timely, considerate services.

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