• 17 years’ focusing on development and application of detecting technology.

  • Forming a multi-dimensional monitoring technology with the combination of point, line, surface and body, monitoring no dead ends and no place to hide.

    Based on temperature, the monitoring of multiple physical fields was gradually established: temperature, humidity, infrared, gas content, vibration, discharge, ultrasound, noise, electromagnetic waves, spatial location and other physical fields and condition monitoring.

  • To carry out a wide range of technical cooperation, developing the industry's most cutting-edge sensor technology and products: pyroelectric technology (thermometry), piezoelectric technology (vibration), SAW (surface acoustic wave technology), DTS (distributed fiber optic temperature measurement technology), EFPI (PD ultrasonic optical fiber sensing technology), electroacoustic technology (ultrasonic measuring PD).

  • Sensing, collection, storage, statistics, intelligent diagnosis, decision-making, execution in one, integrated intelligent monitoring maintenance platform, allowing you to make the wisest decision in the shortest possible time.

  • Provide "private doctor" service, meeting the monitoring and diagnosis needs of special equipment and establishing a dedicated project group to offer a comprehensive program design, implementation, diagnosis, regulation, summarizing and the entire process, monitoring customized equipment and operating and maintaining projects.
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